John 1:14 ... and the Word was made flesh ...

In every religion and philosophy, word remains word - religion remains a theory and philosophy remains a guess. But in Jesus Christ, the Word is made flesh, reality is revealed - God’s thought is concluded in human life. The ultimate destiny of the Word, was never a book, but the image and likeness of God displayed in human life!

This course is designed for this very purpose: to inspire and ignite an understanding that will find expression through our lives – the Word made flesh. The course is therefore not designed to overload students with information, but rather to teach each one how to draw out, the implanted word.

Both the content and the method in which the course is presented is aimed at this purpose. The course consists of 25 weekly modules. Each module has the following components:

The Lesson:
Each lesson is concise - short and clear. Additional references are provided in the footnotes of each lesson, if further study is desired. The benefit of this approach is that you can spend as little as 10 minutes, or as much time as you would like to on each lesson.

The main lesson is followed by a ‘Meditation’ scripture. The first module in this course is all about meditation, and will help you to draw the maximum value out of each lesson. In a nutshell, meditation is a way of stirring up, drawing out and reminding yourself of this scripture daily. Maybe learn it off by heart, and take the time to simply be still and let it speak to you.

The meditation section is followed by ‘Affirmation’. I would encourage you to speak this out loud. The affirmation is basically a conclusion ... or the implication of the lesson.

The online course offers live discussions - each assignment will be a new discussion topic. In addition, the 'Discussion' section after each module will provide guiding questions. Ideally a small group of people will work through the material together and these questions will be helpful in such group environments as well. Ultimately, the Word made flesh, means that it will ignite a life-long conversation!

Writing down our thoughts, is of greatest benefit to ourselves even though it could benefit others as well. Developing a habit of writing will soon transform this activity into the most exciting part of the course. Many studies have shown how the practise of writing one’s thoughts, is of greater benefit than simply discussing them.

Table of Contents

A summary of what is included in the course.

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