If you have registered for the course already, please make sure you are Logged-In. There is only one course available at this stage. The online 'Word Made Flesh' course includes the following:

  • A hard-copy book of the course will be posted to you. (There might be areas in the world where we cannot post the book to, in these exceptional circumstances an electronic copy will be emailed to you.)
  • Access to all the modules online.
  • Audio downloads of the lessons.
  • Access to an online class, consisting of other students. Assignments are done as discussion topics, allowing for interaction with other students.
  • The discussions within a class are private, meaning that it is only visible to those registered for the course. Individuals are obviously free to republish content with the permission of the authors of that content.
  • The weekly schedule and discussions contributes to a focussed experience.
  • Find out more about how it works here ...
  • See a Table of Contents here ...
The next course is scheduled to start beginning of 2015.

The price of the six month course: $280 or £175

To get started requires two simple steps. ( Video tutorials are available here ...)
Registration is not open yet, so the links below won't work.
  1. Register here.
  2. Join a class.
Group discounts are available, please email ginomai.sarx@gmail.com
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